Month: November 2012

How to Keep Teens Away From Drugs

Drug use has been destroying families and playing around with the lives of individuals for a very long time.   Even teenagers have not been spared from the onslaught of drug addiction. Youth taking drugs need to be saved no matter what. In this regard, the role of parents and friends is absolutely critical. Here are a few ways through which one can prevent teens from taking drugs: Connect with the child’s friends and their parents When you know that you have the contact details of your young one’s friends, it becomes easier to track the whereabouts of your child. It is important that you build a relationship of strong understanding with them and their parents so as to avoid any cases of any wrongdoings. Be there when they need you the most There is no denying that peer pressure can take a heavy toll on your child’s mind. You must infuse an intolerant behavior in your child. You need to teach them to say NO to drugs. Have open conversations about drugs Talking always helps. It could start with a TV ad or a movie, but you must take that important step to tell your teens about the harm caused by drugs. It can go a long way in preventing your loved one from getting involved in illegal substances. Moreover, the info that you share with him/her could...

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Heroin Addiction Can Lead to Death

The usage of drugs has grown at an alarming rate over the past few decades. Countries throughout the world are tackling this grave problem in the best possible ways. Heroin is one drug that has been playing with the lives of millions of people. The number of deaths caused due to heroin is extremely high. Drug rehabilitation centers are also coping with the ever-rising cases of individuals suffering from heroin addiction. Here are four ways in which heroin addiction claims lives: 1.   Overdose Overdose is by far the most common cause of drug-related deaths. Heroin is composed of components that when played around with can lead to death. 2.   Heart Failure The consumption of Heroin puts a lot of strain on the heart. And people who are addicted to the drug eventually lose the battle and die of heart failure. 3.   Suicide Heroin addiction causes depression among addicts. This can further lead to thoughts that are suicidal in nature. Eventually, a majority of heroin addicts start feeling empty and hopeless and commit suicide. 4.   Hepatitis B&C Heroin is mostly consumed via injections. While taking this drug, individuals share needles that can in turn expose them to some of the most dreaded drugs. So, it can be safely interpreted that Heroin addiction can be the source of an untimely death. Drug rehab centers also have a...

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Most Popular and Harmful Recreational Drugs

There is no denying that regular usage of recreational drugs can lead to a disastrous life. Even though there are people who feel that such drugs should be legalized, most individuals and drug rehab centers support government and police authorities in breaking the drug racket. Here’s a look at some of the most popular (and equally disastrous) drugs out there today: Cannabis Also known as grass, weed, hemp, marijuana, hash etc., Cannabis has been a part of our societies for thousands of years. A psychoactive drug, Cannabis immediately provides a euphoric effect to the person consuming it. Heroin Diamorphine or Heroin is one of the most popular drugs that cause instant exhilaration and euphoria. Some of the withdrawal symptoms of this drug are nausea, headaches, diarrhea and even a strong craving for calming effects. Cocaine A strong stimulant, Cocaine has been used by people through the centuries. The usage of cocaine in popular culture has further led people to try it and they have in turn gotten addicted to it. Ecstasy Ecstasy or MDMA is a psychedelic drug that generates a feeling of unmatched euphoria, and well-being. In fact, it is one of the most commonly used illegal drugs out there in the market today. LSD LSD is by far one of the most powerful hallucinogenic drugs in the market today. Within 1 to 2 hours of consuming the...

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Why Do Addicts Leave Detox Treatment at an Early Stage?

There is no denying that enrolling an addict into a drug rehabilitation facility is not a simple task. One must have heard of celebrities leaving drug rehab centers too soon (and against medical suggestion). The process of detoxification can indeed be challenging. But with the right advice, this process can become beneficial for all parties involved. Let’s understand five reasons for which addicts leave treatment at an early stage: •  We don’t have the same problems. This is a common reason wherein addicts who are undergoing the successful TMS therapy or any other kind of therapy believe that they are suffering from a different problem than other addicts at the center. This alienates them from the rest and makes them suffer even more. By paying heed to the feeling of “being in this together”, one can reduce this isolationist tendency to a great extent. •  Too painful to handle. The immediate impact of being away from drugs can be quite hard to handle. One goes through headaches, nausea, shivers and other painful experiences. That is the time when one feels that it is best to keep taking drugs and other harmful substances than go through the ordeal. This leads addicts to leave treatment as early as one week. In this regard, a number of therapeutic approaches can be used to help them score over the temporary withdrawal symptoms. •  It...

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Top 5 Countries That Produce Illicit Drugs

The problem of drug and alcohol addiction affects each and every country around the world. But have you ever wondered in which parts of the world drugs are produced? With most countries strictly prohibiting the production of drugs in their territories, how come the farmers are able to cultivate opium and other substances that are later used in the production of drugs? Many of you will be surprised to know that 90% of world’s opium is produced in one country- Afghanistan! Yes, the war-ravaged Asian country has a flourishing opium trade. But Afghanistan is not the only culprit here. There are other countries as well that produce a sizeable portion of drugs which are later supplied to all parts of the world. As the countries continue to fight the menace of drug addiction, it has become essential to provide an easy access to non 12 step rehabilitation program to the patients. If you’re wondering which countries are the top producers of illicit drugs, here’s the list– Afghanistan The Taliban regime was a big threat to world peace and security and they kept a check on the production of opium in Afghanistan. After the fall of Taliban, the production of opium has risen exponentially in Afghanistan and today, the country produces 90% of opium used in the manufacture of illicit drugs. Burma The world’s second largest producer of opium, Burma...

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