Month: January 2013

Lance Armstrong and Addiction

After a decade of vehement denials, US Cyclist Lance Armstrong has finally admitted to doping. In a no-holds barred conversation with Oprah Winfrey, Lance confessed that he had been taking performance-enhancing drugs for years to improve his performance. In an emotional interview watched by millions of viewers all over the world, Lance Armstrong came clean on his use of banned substances when he said “I didn’t invent the culture but I didn’t try to stop the culture and that’s my mistake” There is a long history of the use of drugs in sports. Many athletes and other sportspersons have been accused of taking banned substances in the past. Whether we talk of Ben Johnson or Roger Clemens, there is a long list of sportsmen who took steroids and other banned substances to improve their performance in competitive sports. However, Lance Armstrong’s confession is more than just another addition to the long list of sports people using banned substances. Lance Armstrong’s story has been quite astonishing. After being diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 25, he not only successfully overcame his cancer but went on to become one of the most celebrated people in the world of sports. He went on to win the Tour De France for a record seven times and his Livestrong Foundation has done some commendable work for people suffering from cancer and other...

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Alcohol Detox

There is no doubt in the fact that alcohol addiction can ruin families, severely affecting the emotional ties and family bonds. The people who are extremely dependent on alcohol may lose their loved ones owing to this bad habit thus being pushed into a life of loneliness and isolation. It would not be wrong to say that alcohol addiction can ruin your social & family life also making it difficult to build new relations. Heavy alcohol abusers can create unpleasantness for the family in the form of domestic violence and increase in behavioral and emotional stress. A study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse research has revealed that a direct correlation exists between alcohol abuse and domestic violence. It is a well-known fact that under the influence of alcohol people tend to loose self-control and he can resort to violent behavior if enraged or stressed under the influence of drinks. For an addict alcohol becomes the topmost priority and he or she tends to neglect all other responsibilities towards their family members. Furthermore, drug addiction can cause a drastic change in the behavior of a person, making him/her caring only about ‘I, Me and Myself’. Not only do they continue to neglect the feelings of their loved ones but also disregard the feelings of those who encourage them to opt for alcohol detox. This results in the...

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Things You Should Know for Drug Detox Recovery

Studies have revealed that about 9% of the population is believed to misuse opiates including prescribed pain medications such as Oxycontin and even illegal drugs like heroin at some point in the course of their lifetime. These drugs cause physical dependence and hence the person has to rely on them to prevent symptoms of withdrawal. Slowly and gradually greater amounts of the drug becomes essential in order to create the same effect. When the drugs are stopped withdrawal symptoms start arising because the body requires a considerable amount of time to recover. Therefore, if anybody related to you is undergoing opiate detox recovery then there are some things that you need to keep in mind. First of all it is important to understand that although completing an opiate detox program successfully is a big achievement it does not necessarily imply that the patient has successfully recovered from their drug and alcohol addiction. This is in fact is just the beginning! A patient has to maintain complete abstinence from drugs to ensure recovery which is quite a challenge in itself. The major concern for all drug rehabilitation centers remains relapse because most of the patients after successfully completing the detox program are not able to ward off a relapse. For the patient it is quite the struggle to refrain from going back to drugs.  Here are some things that you...

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Malibu Rehab: Providing Relief From Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is something that affects many aspects of our life. Not only does it have adverse effects on the person consuming drugs but also on those who are closely related to him/her. Since, drugs have an impact on both our mental and physical health it is good to put an end to the addiction as soon as possible. Although there are many drug rehabilitation centers in the US today, not many can provide treatment as effective as Inspire Malibu, the award winning alcohol & drug rehab and addiction treatment center. Offering the latest cutting edge & advanced scientific methods for bringing about successful drug and alcohol treatment, Inspire Malibu rehab has assisted many in getting rid of their addiction. Located in the beautiful Malibu Canyon California, Inspire Malibu has a stunning large luxury facility with spacious rooms and comfortable beds. The scenic location of the Malibu rehab makes the patients feel close to nature and assists them in their recovery.  The highly experienced and well-grounded team of clinical professionals is compassionate enough to understand the feelings & state of mind of clients and are specialized in order to offer unsurpassed treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. A well trusted name for addiction treatment, Inspire Malibu offers a host of programs: Science and Evidence Based Non 12-step Program Comfortable and Safe Detox Program Dual Diagnosis Treatment 1 on 1...

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3 Tips to Avoid Relapse after Completing Opiate Detox Recovery

Completing an opiate detox recovery program successfully is an accomplishment in itself. But that doesn’t mean that the patient has successfully recovered from drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that completing a detox program is just the start. The reason we say this is that there is always a chance of relapse. A patient has to maintain complete abstinence from drugs to ensure recovery. And that’s no small task. For all drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, relapse is one of the major concerns. There are countless patients who have successfully undergone opiate detox recovery but have not been able to ward off relapse. The chances of relapse also depend upon the severity of the drug addiction. Below are some of the tips that may prove to be immensely useful when it comes to preventing relapse- 1)    Engage in treatment.  After detox when therapy and treatment start, focus and involve yourself 100%.  It’s the tools you will learn here that will teach you how to deal with the thoughts and urges when they come. 2)    Keep active.  Exercise, yoga and other activities do wonders for healing the mind and body. 3)    Healthy Diet.  Eating a proper and balanced diet also keeps the mind and body focused.  Your diet will compliment your exercise regiment and keep your body functioning properly as it supplies the...

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RSS Addiction News

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