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4 Pointers to Help Prevent Alcohol Addiction

Enjoying a drink or two in the company of friends may sound like harmless fun. However, over time, this may develop into a serious addiction that may impact your life significantly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year, approximately 80,000 deaths in the US are attributable to alcohol abuse.  Alcohol addiction is a menace that poses a serious threat to the overall wellbeing of our society. Apart from damaging the physical and mental health of a person, alcohol addiction has severe negative social and economic consequences for a nation. For those addicted to alcohol, overcoming this addiction may prove to be a daunting task. While services offered by alcohol rehab centers may prove to be immensely useful, it is important to deal with the problem on a more personal level. Here are 4 pointers that may help you prevent and overcome alcohol abuse: Detect the Early Signs of Alcohol Addiction There are several telltale signs that should be detected at the early stage of alcohol abuse. Problems in school or the office, reduced concentration, difficulty in falling asleep, difficulty in maintaining relationships and family problems are some of the more common problems experienced by people as the alcohol addiction progresses. It is important to detect these signs at an early stage and take preventive measures. Recognize the Triggers of Alcohol Addiction While some people...

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TMS Therapy and Depression Treatment

It is estimated that approximately 19 million adults in the US suffer from a major depressive disorder. In a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) it was found that people between 45-64 years of age are the ones who are most likely to suffer from depression. People with less than a high school education, unemployed people and persons without health insurance coverage are also more likely to be depressed. It has also been found that women are more affected by depression compared to men. Depression is characterized by feelings of sadness, despair, low self-esteem and loneliness. Some of the common signs of depression include insomnia, loss of appetite and withdrawal from social contact. In severe cases, depression can cause hallucinations, delusions and complete withdrawal from reality. In the recent years, a lot of awareness has been generated on depression. There is a wide range of prescriptive medicines available on the market that may prove to be very helpful when it comes to helping a patient cope with depression. However, antidepressant medications fail to provide the desired relief to many patients suffering from depression. Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy has emerged as a powerful alternative to traditional depression treatment. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2008, TMS Therapy is a relatively new depression treatment. Even though, more studies are required to...

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Harms From Injecting Drugs

According to World Health Organization, globally, around 16 million people inject drugs and 3 million of them are living with HIV. Furthermore, injection drug use is responsible for one out of every ten new HIV infections. Several studies have conclusively established a direct link between intravenous drug abuse and the rise in HIV cases. However, the harms of injection drug use are not just limited to the spread of HIV among drug users. Injection drug use can lead to the spread of numerous other viruses and infections that may prove to be fatal. In a recent study, it was found that a single injection drug user with Hepatitis C is likely to affect 20 other people. The study also highlighted the importance of early detection of Hepatitis C among injection drug users. This will go a long way when it comes to preventing the spread of the disease. The services provided by drug addiction treatment centers may prove to be very useful in this regard. Research indicates that drug users belonging to marginalized sections of the society are more prone to HIV and other infections caused by intravenous drug use. Injection drug use can greatly increase the chances of getting HIV, Hepatitis C and other diseases. It may also cause skin diseases among people. Injection drug use provides an immediate ‘high’ to a person. As the drug is directly...

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Negative Effects of Drug Abuse During Pregnancy

The use of drugs and alcohol must be avoided during pregnancy. Drug abuse during pregnancy can be very dangerous for the health of the mother as well as the child.  Around 4% of pregnant women use illicit drugs. Despite of being aware of the consequences of drug addiction during pregnancy, many women in the US and elsewhere experiment with illegal drugs.  The use of harmful drugs such as cocaine and heroin can have a detrimental effect on the growth of the baby inside the womb. Negative Effects of Drug Abuse on the Development of the Fetus Drug use can cause pregnancy loss. The use of illicit drugs can result in miscarriage and stillbirth. Even if the child survives, the baby is prone to a number of  illnesses . Illnesses commonly observed in children born to women who abuse drugs during pregnancy: Development Delays Respiratory Diseases Slow Growth Physical Deformities Learning Disabilities Vision Loss Behavioral Problems Negative Effects of Drug Abuse on the Overall Health of a Woman Apart from affecting the child, drug abuse has a very negative impact on the health of pregnant women. Nutritional deficiencies, preterm labor, postpartum depression, mineral deficiencies and anemia are more likely to occur in women who abuse drugs. Negative Effects of Drug Abuse on a Woman’s Behavior Drug abuse leads to behavioral changes. Women who abuse drugs are more likely to ignore prenatal care....

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Choosing a Suitable Addiction Treatment Program

The complex ailment of addiction affects millions of people across the globe and the number of addicts is steadily on the rise in some countries of the world. The problems associated with drug or alcohol addiction are well known to all of us and so is the need to curb this social menace soon. Addicts along with suffering from several health and psychological problems also adversely affect those around them on an emotional and psychological level. Unlawful substances like cocaine, heroin and opium may push a person into a spiral of addiction that is quite hard to come out of. But fortunately there are several addiction treatment programs available in the USA that can help treat the problem fast and quite effectively. There are numerous rehab facilities that can help you with alcohol addiction opiate addiction herion addiction cocaine addiction meth addiction methadone addiction vicodin addiction prescription drug addiction From detoxification to outpatient care to inpatient programs, an array of treatments are available to help individuals fight the hazard of addiction. While some of the programs focus directly on the addicts drug use others are directed at restoring the person to a productive member in one’s family & society and making him/her realize the awards associated with abstinence. For  individuals who have developed any kinds of drug or alcohol addiction treatment programs are the most effective solutions. In countries...

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