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Top 5 Legal Addictions

Illegal drugs such as Cocaine and heroin are not the only things people become addicted to. In addition to opiates and other harmful addictive substances, there are many other types of addictions that may have a negative impact on the lives of people. Let’s take a look at some of the addiction that are legal and acceptable but can negatively effect the quality of your life- Shopping Knowingly or unknowingly, many people are addicted to shopping. Compulsive shopping is a part of life for countless people all over the world. Some people shop to overcome a bad mood, others do it simply to impress others. Some people may argue that shopping is good for the economy. But when spending lavishly on expensive products without giving much thought to mounting debts can spell doom for a person. Shopping beyond your means can lead you into a financial mess that you may find hard to overcome. Cigarettes The harmful health effects of smoking are well-known. However, as they are legal and acceptable in most societies, cigarette smoking is quite common. Despite being aware of its harmful side-effects, people find it hard to overcome the habit of cigarette smoking. Here, it is important to highlight the fact that cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of premature deaths in the US. Television Television provides visual stimulation to the brain. It helps people overcome...

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Facts & Stats

Dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder is a condition in which a person suffers from a substance abuse problem as well as a mental disorder at the same time. It is estimated that around 4 million people in America suffer from dual diagnosis. According to the National Institute on Drugs Abuse (NIDA), people with an antisocial disorder or mood disorder are twice as likely to develop a drug use disorder, when compared to people who don’t suffer from these illnesses. Similarly, research suggests that people who abuse drugs are more likely to develop a serious mental illness. Here are some of the facts and stats related to dual diagnosis- More men are diagnosed with dual diagnosis compared to women. However, it must be stated that the number of women who’re diagnosed with dual diagnosis has gone up in the recent years. According to one of the studies, among people suffering from dual-diagnosis only 12% get the treatment for both substance abuse and mental disorder. It is estimated that around 2.4% of people who’re employed full time are living with co-occurring disorder. It is essential to provide integrated care to patients suffering from dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis treatment centers provide treatment for physical addiction as well as mental disorder under one roof. This can go a long way when it comes to helping a person recover from a debilitating dual diagnosis....

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Choosing a Trustworthy Drug Rehab For Your Loved Ones

Dealing with substance abuse for quite some time is not an easy task. When the situation becomes adverse and starts affecting family, relationships, employment and social life it is best to opt for a trustworthy rehabilitation facility and contain addiction once and for all. Today, there are numerous drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers throughout USA that provide excellent care and even offer groundbreaking treatments such as TMS Therapy. However, when it comes to choosing a facility for your near & dear one then there are some important things that you need to keep in mind as you want nothing but the best for him/her. Here are five important points that you need to keep in mind when choosing a addiction treatment center:   Individual Therapy Superlative individual attention is very important for drug rehabilitation. The ability to treat every case with the proper attention and formulate programs for the clients specific needs is imperative for successful treatment.  Location and Environment Not many people realize this but location and environment are two of the most critical factors in recovery. Most people look for a center that is close to home. Getting out of your environment or comfort zone in this situation is one of the best things you can do to break old habits. Patient comfort level A good rehab facility will ensure that its patients experience maximum comfort during detox...

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Four Things You Never Say to a Drug Addict

If any of your friends or family members has a drug addiction, it becomes important for you to avoid making any negative statements. Here are some of the things that you should never say to a person who’s trying to overcome drug addiction. 1. Full Recovery Is Not Possible This is completely false and inaccurate. A large percentage of people addicted to drugs are able to overcome their addiction with treatment programs. With effective opiate treatment, heavily addicted drug users are able to live a happy and healthy life. Additionally, making such a statement will only make a person feel hopeless about his or her future and cause a lot of distress. Look at this great article on the Prochaska’s Stages of Change. Transtheoretical Model – Stages of Change 2. You Can Do It On Your Own Regular consumption of drugs and alcohol over a prolonged period of time can cause addiction. It may cause permanent changes in the way the body and mind function. A person addicted to opiates or alcohol may experience severe withdrawal symptoms. For these reasons, giving up drug and alcohol consumption for an addicted person is not an easy task. Medical intervention often becomes necessary. Watch this video on treating drug addiction and see how effective the right rehab center can really be.   3. It’s The Fault of  Your Family Blaming family is...

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Drug Addiction and Weight Loss

There are numerous negative health effects of drug abuse. Drug addiction symptoms are manifested in an individual in a variety of ways. From physical weakness to mental dependence, a person has to deal with many harmful health effects. Weight loss is one of the possible side effects of drug abuse.  It mainly results from the lifestyle involved in drug abuse. In some people, the weight loss can be excessive and severe. Excessive weight loss can cause serious health complications in a person. Drug Addiction and Causes of Weight Loss It is common for drug addicts to go on binges. They avoid eating or sleeping for days at a stretch. This has serious negative implications on an individual’s health. There are many drugs that suppress the appetite which leads to weight loss. Moreover, most drug addicts end up neglecting nutrition and focus only on how to procure and consume drugs. All these factors combined lead to weight loss. Drug Addiction and the Symptoms of Weight Loss Signs and symptoms of weight loss in a drug addicted person are not difficult to detect. Some of the common signs and symptoms of weight loss in a drug addicted person are: Loss of appetite Decreased energy Lethargy Nausea Disturbed metabolism Drug Addiction and Health Consequences Excessive weight loss can have serious negative effects on an individual’s health. It weakens the immune system of...

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