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  • Are E-Cigarettes a Gateway Drug? November 12, 2021
    E-cigarettes may increase the risk of addiction to cocaine and other drugs, nicotine researchers suggest. While e-cigarettes eliminate some of the health risks associated with regular cigarettes, they are pure nicotine-delivery devices, with the same effects on the brain as cigarettes, according to new research studies. Researchers say e-cigarettes can serve as a “gateway drug,” […]
  • The Spike in Drug Overdose Deaths During the COVID-19 Pandemic October 14, 2021
    Since COVID-19 first started upending day-to-day life for Americans in March 2020, public health officials have been sounding the alarm about a potential surge in drug overdoses. Overdose deaths rose during the second half of 2019, and experts feared the pandemic would produce conditions that would further increase overdoses and deaths: economic shock, social isolation […]
  • New Study Reveals One in Four Female Attorneys Has Considered Leaving Profession Over Mental Health Concerns July 2, 2021
    No attorney reading this will be surprised to hear that the legal profession is a demanding one. Nor is it surprising, then, that the profession has had long-running struggles with mental health, work-life balance, and substance use. It is a topic that has been covered well. Yet, just because we know that the profession needs […]

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