Should Marijuana Be LegalAccording to a FBI report, one marijuana arrest occurs every 42 second in the US! But with two US states voting to legalize marijuana as a recreational drug, this may soon become a thing of the past! In an unprecedented move, voters in two US states, Washington and Colorado voted in favor of legalization of recreation use of marijuana on Nov 6. Even though the possibility of a clash with the federal government can’t be ruled out, the 2 states have paved the way for the introduction of measures that will make the use of marijuana legal. Will this worsen the problem of drug addiction and increase the need for drug rehabilitation facilities?

While some people view marijuana as a safe and harmless drug that can be used for recreational purposes, others cite scientific studies, establishing their short term and long term side effects, to discourage the use of drug in any form. Some of the harmful health effects of prolonged use of marijuana include-

  • Loss of concentration and disorientation.
  • Learning and memory problems.
  • Inability to think clearly and solve problems.
  • Lung diseases.
  • Reduced ability of immune system to fight diseases.
  • Dependency on the drug with serious withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to abovementioned health concerns, people opposing the use of marijuana justify their stand on the following grounds-

Marijuana use among children

Legalization will encourage children and adolescents to experiment with marijuana and other drugs. This may hamper the ongoing brain development process with serious long term consequences.

Traffic safety

Just like alcohol, marijuana slows down reflexes and causes disillusionment. This may lead to more accidents and crashes on the road.

Promote the use of the drug

Legalization of marijuana will take away the ‘guilt’ factor and promote the use of drug. This will give a feeling that marijuana is harmless and safe.


Marijuana can be addictive if used continuously for a long time. With more people using marijuana, there will be an inevitable increase in the number of drug addiction cases. This will increase the demand for drug rehabilitation facilities.

There is no denying the fact that there are certain concerns that need to be addressed before marijuana is legalized in the US.

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