Without delving too much into the details of a recent case, a 39 year old doctor injected his wife with heroin to avoid jail. Such stark, hard-hitting realities of contemporary times continue to loom large. Moving away from this, have you ever thought how a normal young adult transforms into a susceptible drug addict? In addition, what drugs are more likely to cause addictiveness than others? Given the wide availability of illegal substances, what is going to become of the future generations? These are just a few questions that continue to confront parents and authorities. The following points hope to underline some of the facts that are correlated with addiction:

  1. A major chunk of the young population gets afflicted by drug addiction because of peer pressure. In the quest of becoming “cool” or “popular”, the young ones end up standing on the wrong side of society.
  2. Once a person gets entangled in the web of illegal substances, it takes time for them to come to terms with the reality. A self-aware individual can still try and correct oneself, but most of them just lose touch with what’s right and what’s not.
  3. There are times when the presence of a mental illness can lead to substance abuse. In such a case, a dual diagnosis program is used to treat the individual.
  4. Failures have a negative impact on the mind. If the person is getting defeated in almost all spheres of life, it is highly likely that he/she will end up resorting to drugs to curb the internal pain.

One of the crucial points to note here is that nobody really plans of becoming an addict. It all starts with an aim to try something new, and results in the person falling prey to harmful substances. While the major onus definitely lies on families to curb the problem in the initial stages itself, rehab centers are also making it a point to assist people with their addiction problems.

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