5 Most Addictive DrugsYou must have heard about all these drugs and illegal substances that cause immense harm to the heart and brain of a person. But have you ever thought which among them is the most addictive? According to The Fix, here is the list of top 5 most addictive drugs. And always remember, the ones ranked lower are not by any means safer.

1.  Heroin
Heroin has a dependence rating of 2.89 (out of 3). According to a study done by National Institute on Drug Addiction, 23% of people who have ever used heroin have become addicts. Heroin is an opiate that affects opioid receptors throughout the body and behaves in the same way as endorphins, leading to reduced pain and heightened pleasure.

2.  Crack Cocaine
The dependence rating of crack cocaine is 2.82. Even though both have similar chemical compositions and final effects are also same, crack cocaine causes quicker and higher adrenaline rush (that stays for a lesser time than powdered cocaine).

3.  Nicotine
According to a study, there are a startling 50 million nicotine addicts in United States. Not just this, one in every 5 persons dies because of smoking. Regular smoking lowers the number as well as the sensitivity of nicotine receptors thereby making it compulsive for the user to keep smoking (for normal brain functioning).

4.  Methadone
With a dependence rating of 2.68, there is an irony in Methadone addiction. During medication, the tolerance to methadone is a sign of methadone addiction.

5.  Crystal Meth
Having a dependence rating of 2.24, Crystal Meth is one of the worst drugs out there. It behaves in the same way as the reward and alertness chemicals in the brain thereby instructing the brain to want more.

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