Drug DocumentariesThere are many fictional drug films from the US, some of which have even gained cult status over a period of time. But have you ever seen a drug documentary? You might not be aware of this, but there are quite a handful of drug documentaries that are really compelling and moving.

Here are 5 hard-hitting drug documentaries:

  • The Union: The Business Behind Getting High
    Made by Brett Harvey (a Canadian documentarian) back in 2007, the film skillfully manages to capture the damaged lives, intrusion of civil rights, and corruption in politics (with regards to stand on drugs). Be sure to watch this film to get a new perspective on the fight against drugs.
  • Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street
    This 1999 real, grim tale of five youths from the Tenderloin District in San Francisco will move you and shake you in equal measures. Steven Okazaki (the director) uncompromisingly brings to the screen the realistic visuals that are hard to forget. Do watch this film to get a sense of what exactly a drug-afflicted youth goes through.
  • The Wet House
    The Wet House is a documentary that goes into the lives of a few homeless, alcoholics who are living inside a British wet house (a place where homeless, alcoholics can stay and continue to drink). This film will give you a true glimpse inside the lives of damaged alcoholics.
  • The Life of Junkie Junior
    A riveting account of the 29 year old Junior Rios who is doomed for tragedy. Right from ripping antennas (to sell as scrap) to his futile stay at a rehab facility, one gets a sense of what an addict’s life can eventually end up becoming.
  • American Drug War: The Last White Hope
    Even though it faced quite a bit of flak for being propagandist, there is no denying that Kevin Booth’s 2007 documentary is gripping to the core.

These movies go to show the extent of impact that drugs have on human race. They get inside the minds of normal individuals who are constantly battling with themselves.

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