Children affected by parents with alcohol abuseMost people would agree that the actions of parents have a direct impact on the minds of their children. You might have heard or seen small children watching their parent stepping over the line with their “drinking limit”. In fact, according to a recent report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration Services (SAMHSA), 7.5 million children (who are under the age of 18) lived with a parent who has been going through an alcohol use disorder in the previous year. Moreover, out of these 7.5 million, 6.1 million live with two parents (of whom, either one or both are suffering from alcohol use disorder).

Based on the aforementioned statistics, it is safe to say that the problem of alcohol use disorder is widespread and has a direct bearing on the lives of children when they grow up. It becomes a routine for teenagers whose parents suffer from alcohol abuse to watch their parents as they go through this experience. This can have detrimental effects on the upbringing and attitude of children. Therefore, there is a definite need to inform parents about the ill effects of going overboard with drinking (and that too in front of the children).

In this regard, there are many an organizations and rehab facilities that are involved in spreading the word about alcohol abuse. By organizing workshops, forums etc., they are able to emit crucial info associated with use of alcohol. Among the list of such alcohol and drug rehab centers, one that has been working continuously to send the message in a comprehensive manner is Inspire Malibu.

Based in Malibu, the rehab facility has been at the forefront of proactively sending out important info about the use of alcohol. Working under the guidance of Dr. Akikur Mohammad, the team at the center has, within a short span of time, successfully helped parents battling with the problem of alcohol addiction or even those who are in the initial stages of alcoholism.

If you know a friend who probably drinks too much and that too in front of his/her children, then don’t shy away from helping him/her in coming out of the problem. It’s always best to show him/her the way to a rehab center like Inspire Malibu where “treatments do solve problems”. You can get more info about the rehab facility on their website