If your child is going through some sort of trauma, then chances of him/her resorting to addiction in adult life are going to be high.

At the University of Texas, a group of researchers examined 32 teens, out of which 19 had been ill-treated during childhood but did not have a psychiatric disorder presently. It’s important to note that the researchers had defined child trauma as any form of abuse or neglect (that lasted for 6 months or more) or a bigger traumatic experience like being a witness to domestic violence etc. The rest of the kids in the group were part of the control group and did not have any such traumatic experiences in their childhood.

A rigorous follow up (lasting three and a half years) of the teens showed that 5 of the ill-treated children and one from the control group had gotten afflicted with major depression while 4 ill-treated children and one from the control group had developed substance abuse disorders. There is a definite neurology-based reasoning behind such skewed statistics. Distractions in certain neural networks in the brain increase the chances of substance abuse or depressive disorders.

So what can one take out of this? Irrespective of this research, you might have already realized that traumatic incidents in a kid’s childhood can cause many a psychiatric problems in the future. It’s always better to be on the safer side of the road. In order to not let your kid become addicted to harmful substances in the future, you as the parent can contribute in making your child’s early years as joyful as possible. The milieu that you prepare for your kid at home has a huge role to play in this regard.

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