Why do we need to reach a stage when the problem has already started? Why can’t we curb the problem before it begins to exhibit itself? Are there ways through which we can preempt the problem of substance abuse in a person and treat it accordingly? All these questions are crucial in the context of drug and alcohol addiction. And there’s a definitive need to find answers, proper answers.

According to an article written by Squeglia, Pulido, and others and that was published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, a neuroimaging study of kids was conducted that produced helpful results. More specifically, an MRI scan showed that children who know nothing about alcohol and have less activation in other areas of the brain were at a higher risk of becoming heavy drinkers in the next three years than those who didn’t show similar results.

Lindsay Squeglia, the lead author of this study, said (via a press release) that “there might be some pre-existing vulnerability” among children. The press release also stated that “such a pre-addictive-behavior test may well be forthcoming”. This can actually go a long way in determining (even before showing a sign of addictive behavior) what children might have an addictive disease. Such early identification methods can assist in preventing addictive behavior among youngsters. But this is still a plan that needs to undergo a lot of research. For now, the onus purely lies on parents and society to spot behavioral patterns among children that point towards addiction. Only they can we interrupt the pattern and protect the kids from entering a world that is filled with degradation.

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