While harmful drugs such as cocaine and heroin continue to play havoc on people’s lives, not much is being said or done in case of prescriptions drugs. Prescription drug abuse is when a person takes a specific medication that was prescribed for someone else. In addition, it also involves taking one’s own prescription in a way (or dosage) not according to what was prescribed. Among the problems caused by this form of abuse, the main ones include gastro-intestinal damage, abnormal sleep patterns, social inactivity as well as dryness of eyes and mouth. In the recent times, the number of young people getting afflicted by prescription drug abuse has risen considerably. It is pivotal to gain a better understanding of the ground realities.

Do you know, (according to NSDUH) approximately 7 million people (in the US) reported non-medical use of psychotherapeutic drugs? This is not the only alarming fact related to abuse of prescription drugs. Consider this; according to the 2011 Monitoring the Future survey done by National Institute on Drug’s Abuse (NIDA), after alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco, prescription and over-the-counter drugs are the most commonly abused drugs by 12th graders. Based on the aforementioned statistics, it can be inferred that the problem of prescription drug abuse is not restricted to a certain age group. The generic notion that only the elderly are affected by this problem is only a myth. There is a definite need to counsel and help teens to stop taking all these life altering drugs.

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