Non 12 Step ProgramsThere is no denying the fact that 12 step programs have helped countless people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. They may prove to be quite effective when it comes to helping a patient overcome drug addiction. However, it is equally true that a 12 step approach may not work for everyone. Even though, it is difficult for researchers to collect accurate data due to anonymous nature of 12 step organizations but there are many studies that show only a moderate success rate of such programs.

Due to limitations and low success rate of 12 step programs, a new school of thought has emerged in the past few years. Non 12 step programs have gained widespread acceptance and popularity. A non 12 step approach has proved to be highly effective when it comes to helping a patient overcome drug and alcohol addiction. These programs have helped countless people all over the world and have helped them lead a normal and healthy life once again. So what exactly are non 12 step programs and how can they prove to be beneficial for a person trying to overcome drug or alcohol addiction?

  • What are non 12 step programs?

At the core of non 12 step programs is the fact that proper medical treatment is required to treat chronic addictions. Just like other medical conditions, drug and alcohol addiction requires uniform and secular medical treatment. As opposed to 12 step approach, non 12 step treatment programs don’t require you to believe in a higher power. Instead, the focus is on providing effective science-based treatment to the patients.

  • Benefits of non 12 step approach

These programs can be very appealing to many people as they take the religion out of rehabilitation process. They don’t promote any specific religious ideas and do not ask you to believe in a higher power. They work very well for people who do not want a religion based rehabilitation program. As the focus is more on science-based treatment, they have proven to be highly effective when it comes to helping the patients get rid of their drug and alcohol addiction.

It is important to understand that a successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is not easy. There can be severe withdrawals symptoms and there is always a chance of relapse. However, with a guided non 12 step program, it is quite possible to overcome all types of addictions effectively. There are many reliable drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the US that promote the non 12 step approach.  For more information on Non 12 Step Programs and how they can help, click here.