It’s not just societies that are afflicted by the problems of drug addiction. Even in sports, we have been seeing the rise and rise of substance abuse. Every now and then, we hear of cases when an athlete is penalized for taking drugs. In the prestigious Olympics too, athletes are caught with drugs that are banned from professional sports.

The Fix has compiled a list of the top 5 events in the Olympics where doping cases are high.

1.  Weightlifting

Over the years, more and more woman weightlifters have tested positive for illegal steroids such as nandrolone and methylhexaneamine.

2.  Sprinting
Remember the case of Ben Johnson in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul? He had completed the 100 meters race in just 9.79 seconds but it was later found out that he was on steroids.

3.  Swimming
There have been numerous cases wherein famous swimmers have admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs during the event.

4.  Cycling
Who can forget Lance Armstrong’s “survivor” image taking a beating this year. It is being heavily contemplated that he was on steroids when he was being awarded the bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

5.  Distance Running
The “high stamina” nature of the event compels athletes to use performance-enhancing drugs.

The cases of athletes consuming drugs to improve their performance have plagued numerous sports throughout the world. Lance Armstrong was recently stripped off his 7 Tour de France titles as he had been taking steroids throughout that phase. Although there are international bodies that look into these matters, athletes are still freely going out and consuming harmful substances. Having a good level of self-control and self-awareness plays a big role in not resorting to harmful steroids so as to win a medal of sorts.

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