Top Five Countries That Produce DrugsThe problem of drug and alcohol addiction affects each and every country around the world. But have you ever wondered in which parts of the world drugs are produced? With most countries strictly prohibiting the production of drugs in their territories, how come the farmers are able to cultivate opium and other substances that are later used in the production of drugs?

Many of you will be surprised to know that 90% of world’s opium is produced in one country- Afghanistan! Yes, the war-ravaged Asian country has a flourishing opium trade. But Afghanistan is not the only culprit here. There are other countries as well that produce a sizeable portion of drugs which are later supplied to all parts of the world. As the countries continue to fight the menace of drug addiction, it has become essential to provide an easy access to non 12 step rehabilitation program to the patients.

If you’re wondering which countries are the top producers of illicit drugs, here’s the list


The Taliban regime was a big threat to world peace and security and they kept a check on the production of opium in Afghanistan. After the fall of Taliban, the production of opium has risen exponentially in Afghanistan and today, the country produces 90% of opium used in the manufacture of illicit drugs.


The world’s second largest producer of opium, Burma has failed miserably when it comes to curbing the cultivation of opium on its soil. As a result of unwillingness on the part of the government to take substantive measures against opium cultivation, the production of illicit drugs continues unabated in the country.


While Afghanistan and Burma are known for opium, Colombian is the place where maximum amount of cocaine is produced in the world. Almost all the cocaine consumed in the United States comes from Colombia. As the authorities struggle to curb drug trafficking, there is a need to improve drug rehab facilities and promote non 12 step rehabilitation program.


Peru is the second largest producer of Cocaine in the world. Once again, government’s apathy has played a key role in allowing the cultivation of coca in the country.


Besides Colombia and Peru, Bolivia is one of the largest producers of Cocaine in the world. This small country is also a transit point for drug shipments that come from Peru.

Apart from these, Morocco, Mexico and The Bahamas are some of the leading producers of illicit drugs in the world. The lax attitude of the authorities and the inability of law enforcement agencies to combat drug mafias are cited as the major reasons that have contributed to a flourishing drug trade in these countries.

As these countries struggle to put an end to the cultivation of opium and coca, there is a pressing need for other countries to promote non 12 step rehabilitation program and other programs in their territories. For more information on these programs, click here.