Drug Alcohol DetoxThere is no denying that enrolling an addict into a drug rehabilitation facility is not a simple task. One must have heard of celebrities leaving drug rehab centers too soon (and against medical suggestion). The process of detoxification can indeed be challenging. But with the right advice, this process can become beneficial for all parties involved.

Let’s understand five reasons for which addicts leave treatment at an early stage:

•  We don’t have the same problems.

This is a common reason wherein addicts who are undergoing the successful TMS therapy or any other kind of therapy believe that they are suffering from a different problem than other addicts at the center. This alienates them from the rest and makes them suffer even more. By paying heed to the feeling of “being in this together”, one can reduce this isolationist tendency to a great extent.

•  Too painful to handle.

The immediate impact of being away from drugs can be quite hard to handle. One goes through headaches, nausea, shivers and other painful experiences. That is the time when one feels that it is best to keep taking drugs and other harmful substances than go through the ordeal. This leads addicts to leave treatment as early as one week. In this regard, a number of therapeutic approaches can be used to help them score over the temporary withdrawal symptoms.

•  It is better outside.

There are patients who, in order to go back to the world of drugs, will come up with any senseless reason to leave treatment. For example, they (patients) may say that the other addicts hurt them or that the doctors don’t treat them well. The best thing to do in such a case is to carefully listen and address the needs of patients. In some case they might be right but mostly, it is best to use some friendly technique to help them out.

•  Been there, done that.

Treatment plans include repetitive methodologies that can cause a lot of irritation to the patients. It could be the Non 12 Step Rehab or any other treatment plan. Motivational and inspirational talk can go a long way in helping them out.

•  This is a piece of cake for me.

Gaining confidence during recovery period is a good thing but it can prove to be harmful in some cases. A person may think of himself/herself as an authority on rehabilitation and therefore would want to leave the treatment immediately. What is required is tranquility that can work wonders for them.