Cocaine addiction has been at the core of illegal drug abuse.

According to a survey done by The White House, close to 14 percent of all patients who opt for rehab do so because of cocaine addiction problems.

If this wasn’t enough, according to the same report, around 36 million people in US (above the age of 12) have admitted to trying cocaine at least once. Forget adults, The White House Drug Policy study also revealed that of high school and college students in the US, 3.3% confessed to being present cocaine users. These are not just statistical figures; these are startling revelations about the rising tide of drugs against human race. So what is it about this drug (and more specifically, cocaine) that affects so many people across the globe?

The properties of cocaine make it a highly threatening substance. Cocaine increases heart rate as well as blood pressure which in turn block the arteries supplying blood to the heart. This can lead to a heart attack. Cocaine can also contract the blood vessels in the brain which can in turn cause a stroke. The nose and sinuses also get negatively impacted by cocaine. The sudden process of rhadbomyolysis (caused due to cocaine usage) can cause kidney damage or failure.

Because of its high cost, cocaine is generally used by the rich. Some of the biggest celebrities across the world have coped with cocaine addiction. What has helped some of them is the support provided by rehab centers. A good rehab center can play a crucial role in helping addicts in come out of their problem. Just like any other harmful drug, battling coke addiction isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of perseverance and commitment on the part of the addict.

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