CBS This Morning recently aired a segment about the dangers of the synthetic drug Flakka, and if more people knew the consequences and side effects, they would probably stay clear of it.

Flakka Drug Rise

Flakka is described as being more powerful than heroin or cocaine and it’s quickly spreading across the country. It first made headlines earlier this year as police and emergency rooms reported extremely erratic behavior by users who were later identified to be under the influence of flakka.

While there are many variants of the drug, flakka is most similar to the drug Gravel, which was in the news last year, and Bath Salts, which have been on the streets for even longer.

Users have reported hallucinations and psychotic breakdowns, and others have been seen running through the streets naked. Originally, the drug was mostly isolated to Florida, but it has now been found as far north as Ohio, and as far west as California.

This synthetic drug can be purchased in a capsule or powder form where it is then smoked or injected, much like cocaine. It is also easily snorted. Vaporizing it like an e-cigarette can be extremely dangerous because it enters the bloodstream quickly and with full force, sometimes resulting in an overdose.

Like many new synthetic and designer drugs, it is not manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, so it can vary widely in formulation and trauma to the user. Because the formula changes so frequently, it probably won’t show up on a drug test.

The really scary part about flakka (and gravel) is that it causes people to literally go out of their minds. They have zero inhibitions, pain, or control of rational thought. The other downside is recovery can take much longer than other drugs such as methamphetamines.

Within the past year, 25 people have died from taking flakka in South Florida and it’s impossible to know just how many others have died in other states.

It’s difficult to imagine why anyone would take such a hardcore drug, but the price probably has a lot to do with it. Many users may think they’re getting Molly or Ecstasy (MDMA) but at a much cheaper price. The CNBC website says it’s “More Dangerous Than Cocaine and Cheaper Than a Big Mac.”

The street price for a kilo might cost $50,000, but if ordered online from China, that price drops to $1,500, or $3 to $5 per dose, making it a very cheap high.

Still not much is known about flakka, except that it’s very dangerous and its use is on the rise. This is not an ordinary recreational drug that carries the usual risks. This one has doctors and police on edge and it’s imperative that users understand that it’s not worth experimenting any more. The consequences can be deadly not only for the user, but for the people around them too.