There’s no shortage of ways to get healthy, and depending on where a person lives, some are easier to come by than others. For people just beginning to pay attention to staying active and eating healthier, it usually isn’t much fun and can be painful, at least in the first few weeks. But the health benefits will pay dividends in the long run.

Yoga is HealthyYoga is one of the best ways to get a holistic health workout that improves both the mind and body. Not so many years ago, Yoga was viewed as a new-age fad by many, but today most people are either practicing it regularly, or know someone who does. And it’s gaining converts at a pretty fast clip.

There are many reasons for Yoga’s growth, and it comes in a wide range of flavors to spice things up. Not only is it low-impact, but it also increases flexibility and strength, improves breathing and posture, and instills a sense of balance between body, mind, and spirit. It just might be the perfect workout.

Look around and it’s not surprising to find Yoga being practiced in corporate environments, company-sponsored events, addiction treatment centers, mental health facilities, schools, and homes around the country. To the bystander watching it from the sidelines, it looks easy enough, but it’s only after the first few sessions does the experience of the workout really make sense. It’s a great stress fighter and relieves the symptoms of depression. It also offers a happier and more focused outlook on life in general.

Below is an infographic from Yogacara that outlines the health benefits of Yoga. Of course each person will receive many other benefits from regular practice, but 9 of the most important health benefits from Yoga include:

1. Improved Circulation
2. Decreased Stress
3. Lowered Risk of Heart Disease
4. Serotonin Boost to Fight Depression
5. Relief from Back Pain
6. Anti-Aging Benefits
7. Cancer Recovery
8. Alleviation of Menopause Symptoms
9. Better Breathing and Respiration

Yoga Health Benefits

To see this infographic in a larger version, visit Daily Infographic.

It’s interesting that the U.S. Army uses Yoga for stress management. They usually don’t adopt any new techniques unless they’ve been proven to work by a mountain of evidence.

The real beauty of taking up Yoga for the first-timer is its low cost of entry and plenty of videos online for those who are too shy to get started in a class. With that said, it’s usually best to find a beginner class with a qualified instructor to learn the important basics of breathing and posture.

There’s no shortage of interesting resources, retreats, and Yoga people on the internet. Below are just a few of our favorites.

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