Illegal drugs such as Cocaine and heroin are not the only things people become addicted to. In addition to opiates and other harmful addictive substances, there are many other types of addictions that may have a negative impact on the lives of people. Let’s take a look at some of the addiction that are legal and acceptable but can negatively effect the quality of your life-Legal Addictions


Knowingly or unknowingly, many people are addicted to shopping. Compulsive shopping is a part of life for countless people all over the world. Some people shop to overcome a bad mood, others do it simply to impress others. Some people may argue that shopping is good for the economy. But when spending lavishly on expensive products without giving much thought to mounting debts can spell doom for a person. Shopping beyond your means can lead you into a financial mess that you may find hard to overcome.


The harmful health effects of smoking are well-known. However, as they are legal and acceptable in most societies, cigarette smoking is quite common. Despite being aware of its harmful side-effects, people find it hard to overcome the habit of cigarette smoking. Here, it is important to highlight the fact that cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of premature deaths in the US.


Television provides visual stimulation to the brain. It helps people overcome monotony and boredom. However, the habit of watching television can be highly addictive. Many people spend long hours watching TV. This is cited as one of the major causes responsible for the spread of obesity epidemic in the US and elsewhere.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Several studies suggest that prescription drug abuse is growing at a rapid pace. Prescription drug abuse can be highly addictive and may have severe negative effects on the health of an individual.


As is the case with cigarettes, alcohol is legal and acceptable in most societies. Drinking alcohol in excess and over a long period of time may prove to be dangerous for. From liver diseases to heart failure, alcohol can contribute to a number of health ailments in people.

Self-control can go a long way when it comes to overcoming any sort of addiction.  Wether it be drug addiction, alcohol addiction or problems with depression, a reliable treatment center may be in worth a call.