Signs of Alcohol AddictionIt is estimated that around 14 million people in the US abuse alcohol. Excessive intake of alcohol can have severe health consequences for a person. In fact, alcohol is one of the biggest causes of premature deaths in the US and elsewhere. Alcoholism not only ruins the health of a person but it also reduces his or her productivity and efficiency. This can have negative economic consequences for an entire nation. Considering the severe harmful health and economic effects of alcohol, there is a pressing need for countries as whole to do something about this issue.  While the services provided by alcohol rehab centers may prove to be quite useful when it comes to helping someone overcome alcohol addiction, the focus must be on prevention!

Detecting signs of alcohol addiction at an early stage is of paramount importance. If you see any of the following signs in a person, you must become alert and take the necessary steps-

  • Changes in behavior

Mood swings, forgetfulness, missing work and a general disinterest in family activities are some of the behavioral changes that occur in an alcoholic. These signs could indicate a person is becoming increasingly dependent on alcohol. Being over emotional, spending excess money and lying to family members are some of the other signs of alcohol abuse.

  • Physical symptoms

Sweating, exhaustion, fatigue, headaches and anxiety are some of the common physical symptoms that accompany alcohol abuse. Physical tolerance of alcohol in a person may also increase and he or she may start drinking extra quantites of alcohol. Hangover and morning sickness are commonly experienced by alcoholics. Loss of sex drive may also be a direct result of excessive alcohol consumption.

  • Relationship problems

A person addicted to alcohol starts giving more importance to alcohol than to family relations. People may also become inconsiderate and unconcerned about the problems of family members. Frequent fights and difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships is a common problem among those who abuse alcohol.

Neglecting personal hygiene, reduced attention span, difficulty in retaining information and redness on the face are some of the other signs of alcohol addiction. If you detect these signs in a person, it is important for you to make him or her aware of the dangers of alcohol addiction and seek help from professionals.