The statistics related to alcohol addiction in the USA are quite alarming with around 12 million people suffering from alcohol addiction and another 4% being alcohol abusers. Now, the adverse effects of drinking are known to all of us starting from the deterioration of health to the emotional, financial and sometimes physical problems faced by those who are close to the alcoholic. Addiction of alcohol has been known to ruin families both at an emotional and financial level. Alcoholism is a chronic disease influenced by a genetic predisposition, mental wellness and environmental issues as described by The Journal of the American Medical Association. This problem in most cases develops for the worse and can even lead to fatal health consequences and psychological preoccupation that distorts thinking.

Cancer, heart disease, liver disease, depression and birth defects are some of the worst health issues that an alcoholic may have to face. On the social front alcohol addiction may lead to alienation from family & friends, financial problems and job loss. Numerous road accidents in different cities within the US are caused due to reckless drunk driving. The DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) courts are leading the way in an effort to try and end drunk driving especially by big time offenders.  Hence, alcohol addiction is something that should be taken seriously and curbed as soon as possible. Around 80% of Americans understand that rehabilitative treatment can help curb substance abuse and alcohol addiction resulting in a productive and alcohol free life.

For three years now the month of April has been designated as National Alcohol Awareness Month in order to Bring attention to this serious and fatal matter.  It’s been regarded as a month to reflect and better improve upon and promote responsible drinking as well as getting help and treatment to ones who need it.

Malibu Alcohol Rehab

The social perception regarding people who have undergone an alcohol treatment is also changing gradually with 20% of Americans admitting that they wouldn’t think less of someone who has been to an alcohol treatment center and the other 50% already knowing someone who is currently in recovery.  Now, many people ask if it is necessary to go to a rehab in order to quit drinking and the answer is yes. Alcohol rehab centres in USA offer a host of different addiction treatment programs ranging from one on one therapy to group therapy, psychiatry, relapse prevention therapy, after care planning, brain mapping and cognitive-behavioral techniques. These effective treatments and medical interventions have been found after decades of research making alcoholism a highly treatable disease.

The dedicated alcohol rehab centres in the US provide addiction treatment programs and aftercare services tailored according to the specific needs of each and every patient. When choosing an alcohol rehab center you need to make sure detox, therapy and adequate psychological support are incorporated into the program.  After care services are also equally important because the chances of a relapse in cases of severe alcohol addiction are quite high. Inspire Malibu Rehab Center is a highly inspiring drug & alcohol rehabilitation center in Malibu CA offering 100% science and evidence based addiction treatment.