Drinking DrivingAlcohol addiction can seriously damage the health of a person. Be it liver damage or other health problems, alcohol addiction can have major negative health consequences. But it would be wrong to believe that alcohol harms only the person who consumes it. With an increasing number of drinking and driving cases in the US, alcohol addiction poses a big threat to our society as a whole. While the government has been trying to generate a lot of awareness on the issue, there has been an unabated rise in the number of people being charged with drunk driving.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on drinking a driving.

1)      Drinking and driving is the cause for 1 in 3 crash deaths in the US. While the number of cases of drunk driving has come down in the recent years, it continues to pose a serious challenge to the society.

2)      Men are more to be blamed when it comes to drunk driving. Men are found behind the wheels in almost 80% of drinking and driving cases reported in the US. Moreover, men in the age group of 21-34 are the culprits in almost 30% of drinking and driving cases in the US.

3)      People who’re into binge drinking are far more likely to be involved in drinking and driving cases as compared to moderate drinkers.

These findings have highlighted the need to put harsher laws in place to effectively combat the menace of drunk driving. Below are some of the reasons that make drinking and driving a major threat to the lives of other people.

1)      Loss of judgment

Drinking and driving causes loss of judgment making it difficult for a person to drive. The reflexes slow down and people find it hard to make quick judgment. This poses a serious threat to the lives of others.

2)      Reduced coordination

As the alcohol takes over a person, mind and body coordination decreases. A person takes more time to react. And in case of an emergency, a drunk driver is unable to make the right decision on time causing an accident.

3)      Reduced focus and difficulty in steering

Reduced focus is direct fallout of reduced coordination. A drunk driver is no longer able to keep the vehicle in control.

For these reasons, it is quite important to overcome alcohol addiction. More information on drug and alcohol addiction is available at http://www.inspiremalibu.com