Drinking DrivingWere you aware that drinking and driving is the cause for 1 in 3 crash deaths in the US? It is also an established fact that people who indulge in binge drinking are far more likely to be involved in drinking and driving cases as compared to moderate or non-drinkers. Drunk driving poses a serious challenge to all countries. The US is no exception! Countless cases of drunk driving are reported from different States each year. People who drink and drive not only pose a threat to their own lives but also to the lives of others.

Considering the fact that alcohol is one of the most abuse substances, the rise in the number of drunk driving cases comes as no surprise. Alcohol is easily available and binge drinking is quite common among people. Despite the government efforts, the use of alcohol is one the rise. The most worrisome fact is that young people constitute a large percentage of people who abuse alcohol. They are also more likely to drive while they are drunk.  This is evident from the  large number of young adults enrolling in alcohol rehab centers.

What are the factors that make drinking and driving dangerous to yourself and others?

  • When people are drunk, they are not in a balanced state of mind. They can’t think properly. Furthermore, reflexes become slow. This may prove to be quite dangerous while driving.
  • The coordination of body and mind decreases when you’re drunk. This may become quite dangerous when you’re faced with an emergency situation. For example. a drunk person may not be able to apply the breaks quickly to prevent an accident.
  • Alcohol makes people drowsy. They can’t focus on driving. In a drunken state, they may not be able to concentrate on the road ahead. This may prove to be quite dangerous.

Deaths caused by drunk driving are completely preventable. The only thing people need to do is realize the fact that they’re posing a grave threat to their own life as well as the life of others.