Drug Alcohol Abuse Athletes

Drug Alcohol Abuse Athletes

The fear of losing is the biggest factor that prompts the use of performance enhancing drugs among athletes. From Marion Jones to Lance Armstrong, there are many famous athletes whose names have been tarnished by drug scandals. Apart from ‘being the best’ in the sport, there are many other reasons that motivate athletes to experiment with drugs and alcohol. While some athletes find it hard to deal with the pressure to succeed in competitive sports, there are others who abuse drugs and alcohol to ‘celebrate’ their success. The bottom line is, drug and alcohol abuse has a very negative effect on the body and mind of an athlete. The negative consequences of drug and alcohol abuse include-

Physical Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Even occasional consumption of drugs and alcohol can seriously affect physical abilities and strength of an athlete. Alcohol intake not only reduces the endurance level of an athlete but also interferes with healthy muscle development of the body. This is bound to have a negative effect on athletes’ performance on the field. This also affects the training routine of athletes.

Mental Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

It’s a known fact that alcohol impairs the decision making ability of an individual. Athletes are no exception! The memory of the person also reduces. Additionally, the mind develops an addiction. These factors have a direct impact on athletes’ performance on the field. Chronic drug use can cause brain damage and may completely destroy the career of an athlete.

Legal Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The use of performance enhancing drugs is strictly banned in sports. In every sport, there are stringent drug testing policies aimed at preventing the drug use among athletes. Athletes caught in drug scandals face several legal consequences. Possession of illegal drugs may even lead to imprisonment. It also leads to ignominy and disgrace of athletes.

There is a 25% drop in performance of an athlete the day after drinking alcohol. It is important for an athlete to realize the negative health effects that accompany drugs and alcohol. Staying away from drugs and alcohol is the best way to maintain a clean reputation and an unblemished career.

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