Drug Alcohol Abuse FertilityThanks to sustained information campaigns, our government has managed to raise awareness on drug and alcohol related issues. We have been made aware of the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse on our mind and body. We are all familiar with the fact that drug and alcohol abuse can alter the functioning of our nervous system and make us totally dependent. We also know about how they can lead to heart failure, liver diseases, kidney ailments and respiratory problems. An overdose of illegal drugs such as Cocaine and Heroin may prove to be fatal for a person. Furthermore, illegal drugs play a major role in the spread of deadly viruses such as HIV.

Drugs abuse also causes fertility problems in men and women. This is one of the health problems that many young people are not aware of. Alcohol and drug addiction poses serious threat to male and female fertility. Let’s take a look at harmful effects of alcohol and recreational drugs on male and female fertility.

  • Alcohol

Excessive intake of alcohol leads to hormonal imbalances. This in turn has a negative impact on generations of sperm and the ovulation process in women. Alcoholic men also face problems in achieving and maintaining erections. Various studies have established the fact that alcohol causes erectile dysfunction and reduced sperm counts in men. Women who drink excessive amounts of alcohol may find it difficult to conceive. It may also disturb the menstruation cycle in women. Alcohol rehab centers can prove to be of immense help when it comes to getting rid of alcohol addiction.

  • Illegal drugs

Illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin may play havoc with fertility in men and women. Erectile dysfunction, lower sperm count, decrease in libido, premature ejaculation and lower testosterone levels are some of the major fertility problems caused by recreational drugs in men. In women, these drugs can cause hormonal imbalances and may disturb the menstrual cycle. Women addicted to harmful drugs may also find it difficult to conceive. Also, in pregnant women, these drugs increase the chances of a miscarriage and stillbirth. It can also lead to physical and mental abnormalities in the unborn child.

It is Important for youngsters to understand that temporary feeling of pleasure or ‘relief’ provided by drugs and alcohol can put their fertility health at risk.

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