Dual Diagnosis TreatmentResearches have established  that many people who regularly abuse drugs are also diagnosed with mental disorders and vice-versa. Since the 1980’s this co-morbidity has been a part of multiple national population surveys in the USA. The psychiatric conditions that generally co-exist with drug addiction are depression, bi-polar, anxiety, panic, ADHD and others. Data shows that people diagnosed with mood or anxiety disorders are twice as likely to suffer from drug addiction. Similarly, those diagnosed with drug disorders were roughly twice as likely to suffer from mood and anxiety disorders.

Dual Diagnosis Statistics:

  • 60% of people diagnosed with a bipolar condition suffer from addiction
  • 30-50% of people with ADHD also suffer from addiction
  • 25% of people with Depression suffer from addiction

For those with either an alcohol or drug addiction, the odds of having the other addictive disorder were seven times greater than in the rest of the population. According to the ECA study, the estimated lifetime prevalence in US population was about 22.5% for any non-substance abuse mental disorder, 13.5% for alcohol dependence-abuse, and 6.1% for other drug dependence-abuse.

In such a situation when two problems, one of a psychological condition and the other of a drug addiction exist together, getting treated for a dual diagnosis disorder becomes essential. Since, addiction is a powerful and destructive force it can be only conquered by professionals who specialize in dual diagnosis. This treatment helps the addict in getting rid of the addiction as well as solves the psychological problem. Dual diagnosis also involves a self medicating process which is self-soothing, thus relieving the person of discomfort. The first stage of dual diagnosis treatment involves detoxification to purify the body of all kinds of drug and alcohol residues present in their bodies.

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