Effects of Alcohol Abuse on SocietyIt’s a well-known fact that alcohol is harmful for an individual’s health. Alcohol abuse is the cause of many major illnesses. In fact, after smoking, excessive alcohol consumption is one of the largest causes of premature deaths in the US and other countries. Deaths from excessive alcohol consumption are preventable. While most of us are aware of the harmful effects of excessive alcohol consumption on their health, we fail to realize that alcohol abuse poses a serious threat to the well-being of our society. Alcohol abuse affects our society in many ways and there is an urgent need to make people aware how excessive alcohol consumption threatens to dismantle the fabric of our society.

  • Alcohol Abuse Effects Health Care Costs

Around 30% of patients in US hospitals are admitted because of complications related to excessive alcohol intake. This leads to a substantial increase in health care costs of the government. Ultimately, the burden of increased health care costs has to be borne by people.

  • Alcohol Abuse Effect on families

Alcohol doesn’t just affects the health of the person who consumes it but it also has a very negative impact on other family members. It’s common for people under the influence of alcohol to indulge in fights and quarrels. It has also been found that divorce rates are high in couples with alcohol addiction. When we talk of the harmful effects of alcohol abuse on families, it’s the children who get affected the most. Several studies have highlighted the fact that children living in alcoholic families often show poor academic performance and also show anti-social behavior.

  • Alcohol Abuse Effects Overall Economic Costs

Alcohol abuse has a very negative effect on the economy. Alcohol consumption adversely affects the productivity of an individual. This leads to the loss of employment and loss of earnings. Alcohol addiction may prove to be a major hindrance as far as one’s career is concerned. All these factors have several negative effects on the economy. In these times of economic downturn, alcohol abuse has become a major problem that has to be tackled with effectively.