signs-of-drug-addictionDrugs can completely ruin one’s life. If left untreated, drug abuse is debilitating. Severe drug addiction may even result in death. When it comes to preventing drug abuse, it’s important to detect early signs.  More than often family members and friends fail to detect these signs making recovery very difficult.  It is very important to detect the early signs of addiction and provide professional medical treatment if necessary.

Signs of drug Abuse:

  • Behavioral Changes

Late to the office or school, changes in sleep pattern, lying to family members, changes in eating patterns and mood swings are commonly observed in people in the early stages of drug addiction. The presence of these signs doesn’t mean that a person is abusing drugs but they should certainly alert you. It should become a cause of concern for you if your friend or family member is showing any such behavioral changes.

  • Spending more money

Drugs don’t come cheap. Be it Heroin, Cocaine or Marijuana, people generally have to fork out a large amount of money to buy them. If your child or any other family member is spending more money than usual, you should keep a tab on him.

  • Physical changes

Weight loss, lethargy, drowsiness and loss of appetite are some of the physical effects of drug abuse. As a parent, you must be able to detect any such changes in your child. Ignoring these signs can be devistating.

  • Social Circle

People consuming drugs like to spend time in the company of drug addicts. People with a drug addiction start avoiding their usual group of friends.  They may also hesitate when it comes to introducing friends to their family members.

As a parent you would never like to believe that your child is suffering from a drug addiction. However, it is very important to not to ignore any warning signs of drug addiction in your child or any other family member. Seeking addiction treatment in the early stages is crucial and could make the difference in the long run. For more information on drug addiction treatment click here