Drug addiction is something that affects many aspects of our life. Not only does it have adverse effects on the person consuming drugs but also on those who are closely related to him/her. Since, drugs have an impact on both our mental and physical health it is good to put an end to the addiction as soon as possible. Although there are many drug rehabilitation centers in the US today, not many can provide treatment as effective as Inspire Malibu, the award winning alcohol & drug rehab and addiction treatment center.

Malibu RehabOffering the latest cutting edge & advanced scientific methods for bringing about successful drug and alcohol treatment, Inspire Malibu rehab has assisted many in getting rid of their addiction. Located in the beautiful Malibu Canyon California, Inspire Malibu has a stunning large luxury facility with spacious rooms and comfortable beds. The scenic location of the Malibu rehab makes the patients feel close to nature and assists them in their recovery.  The highly experienced and well-grounded team of clinical professionals is compassionate enough to understand the feelings & state of mind of clients and are specialized in order to offer unsurpassed treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

A well trusted name for addiction treatment, Inspire Malibu offers a host of programs:

  • Science and Evidence Based Non 12-step Program
  • Comfortable and Safe Detox Program
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • 1 on 1 Therapy
  • Healthy Activities Program

What provides Inspire Malibu a distinctive edge over the other rehab centers is that it treats a small group of clients at a time so that personalized attention can be given to each individual. The treatment begins with a complete psychological assessment to understand if there is an underlying cause to the self destructive addictive behavior. This is essential because not understanding the actual cause of this behavior will ruin the chance for an addicted patient to have a healthy successful life. The sole purpose of Inspire Malibu Rehab is to provide adequate motivation so that the individual can begin a joyful and fulfilling life free from drugs and abuse.

It is the empathetic appeal of Inspire Malibu specialists and exceptional customer care that helps the clients to feel comfortable and get rid of their addiction faster. Inspire Malibu follows an integrative approach to addiction treatment blending together the best practices that are prevalent today in substance abuse. With its state of art facilities, empathetic approach and latest therapies Inspire Malibu has emerged as the best Malibu Treatment Center in California.