Completing an opiate detox recovery program successfully is an accomplishment in itself. But that doesn’t mean that the patient has successfully recovered from drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that completing a detox program is just the start. The reason we say this is that there is always a chance of relapse. A patient has to maintain complete abstinence from drugs to ensure recovery. And that’s no small task.

Drug Addiction Relapse Rate

For all drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, relapse is one of the major concerns. There are countless patients who have successfully undergone opiate detox recovery but have not been able to ward off relapse. The chances of relapse also depend upon the severity of the drug addiction. Below are some of the tips that may prove to be immensely useful when it comes to preventing relapse-

1)    Engage in treatment.  After detox when therapy and treatment start, focus and involve yourself 100%.  It’s the tools you will learn here that will teach you how to deal with the thoughts and urges when they come.

2)    Keep active.  Exercise, yoga and other activities do wonders for healing the mind and body.

3)    Healthy Diet.  Eating a proper and balanced diet also keeps the mind and body focused.  Your diet will compliment your exercise regiment and keep your body functioning properly as it supplies the necessary nutrients and vitamins .

Overcoming opiate addiction is no easy task. Regular use of opiates causes permanent changes in the body and mind. The road to recovery is not easy. Even if your attempts to successfully recover from opiate addiction fail, it’s important not to give up. You should again check in for an opiate detox program followed by proper therapy and treatment.