Heroin AddictionThe usage of drugs has grown at an alarming rate over the past few decades. Countries throughout the world are tackling this grave problem in the best possible ways. Heroin is one drug that has been playing with the lives of millions of people. The number of deaths caused due to heroin is extremely high. Drug rehabilitation centers are also coping with the ever-rising cases of individuals suffering from heroin addiction.

Here are four ways in which heroin addiction claims lives:

1.   Overdose
Overdose is by far the most common cause of drug-related deaths. Heroin is composed of components that when played around with can lead to death.

2.   Heart Failure
The consumption of Heroin puts a lot of strain on the heart. And people who are addicted to the drug eventually lose the battle and die of heart failure.

3.   Suicide
Heroin addiction causes depression among addicts. This can further lead to thoughts that are suicidal in nature. Eventually, a majority of heroin addicts start feeling empty and hopeless and commit suicide.

4.   Hepatitis B&C
Heroin is mostly consumed via injections. While taking this drug, individuals share needles that can in turn expose them to some of the most dreaded drugs.

So, it can be safely interpreted that Heroin addiction can be the source of an untimely death. Drug rehab centers also have a major role to play in informing societies about the ways in which people can die of Heroin addiction. It is imperative to be pro-active in helping patients overcome their problems.

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