A person experiments with drugs at a young age just to ‘experience’ how it feels. He or she believes that they will stop consuming drugs when they decide they want to stop. They enjoy the ‘high’ provided by the drug and continue to use again

Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

and again. Eventually, they realize that the drug is damaging their mental and physical health. They decide to quit consuming drugs. However, their brain and body don’t agree with him.

This is the often repeated story that most of us are familiar with. Research indicates that most people dealing with drug addiction started using drugs at a young age. Many people start with recreational drugs and slowly graduate to harder drugs like cocaine and heroin. Over a period of time, the habit of consuming drugs turns into a full-blown addiction. The life of an addict revolves around arranging the next dose and seeking the next high.  At this point medical intervention becomes necessary to overcoming drug addiction successfully. Drug and alcohol rehab centers have a major role to play when it comes to helping a person overcome drug addiction.

How Recreational and Casual Drug Use Turns Into Addiction:

  • When people start using drugs, they don’t intend on becoming addicts. Most recreational drug users live with the false belief that they will quit using drugs whenever they want. However, they fail to realize that slowly and gradually their brain is becoming accustomed to drug use. ‘Quitting whenever you want’ will no longer be an option.
  • Drug use changes the way the brain functions. The brain doesn’t just become used to drug consumption but the tolerance limit also rises. A person is forced to increase the quantity of drugs they use. Many changes occur in the chemical makeup of the brain and dependency ensues.
  • Most recreational drug users also believe that they can control the quantity of drugs they use. However, the reality is quite different. Mental and physical cravings for the drug become so strong that people fail to abstain from drug use. In other words, drugs control them and not vice versa.

As most medical practitioners realize, recreational drug use can turn into a dangerous addiction which can completely ruin ones life. It is important to discourage people from using drugs.  Additionally, people dealing with drug addiction should be encouraged to avail the services offered by drug and alcohol rehab centers.  For more information on Drug Addiction Treatment click here