Most doctors, therapists, and treatment centers can attest that receiving a grateful review of Thanks and Appreciation from a former patient feels good and endorses the hard work we all put in every day.

Parent Review of ThanksBut for some reason, it’s even more special when we receive a heartfelt letter of Thanks from the parent of a former patient.

Many of us in the addiction community are parents too, so we understand that it’s one thing to feel personal pain, but when our children are in pain it’s especially difficult. No parent ever wants to see anything bad happen to their children. We would do anything in our power to relieve their suffering and help them be healthy and successful in life.

Treating addiction is hard work, but the successes make it worth the effort and all of us in the addiction community can be proud of the work we do every day. Knowing that we helped another person get their life back on track is one of the reasons we chose this career field. Below is a letter we recently received from a parent that made our day.

Inspire Malibu Reviews of Thanks

Inspire Malibu Review of Thanks by a Parent

Dearest Dr. Mohammad,

It is with the greatest appreciation and gratitude that I write this note to you.

There are some things that occur in our lives for which there is no language to express the depth of feeling which one wishes to express. But I will humbly endeavor to do so here.

You have given my son the grandest of all gifts possible, an opportunity to return to his true nature and authentic self.

He is doing quite well and I feel that my son has been returned to me truer than I have seen him in many years. He has told me in detail of the many wonderful therapists and programs that he delighted in experiencing at Inspire Malibu House. He has many tools and skills he did not have prior. And he knows he has much work ahead of him as well in IOP.

Dr. Mohammad you are an extremely skilled and compassionate physician. My family, my son, and myself thank God for your amazing generosity and kindness. You have been instrumental in saving my son’s life at just the very moment in time he needed help.

For this, I will be ever in your debt and if there is ever anything I can do for you please ask.

God bless your family with a healthy wonderful 2015 and beyond.

With Love & Gratitude.

~ Name withheld for privacy

Letters like this are both gratifying and humbling to receive, and it makes us truly value the work we do every day. We’d like to say Thanks to Everyone in the addiction community for helping people get their life back and returning them to their families. Your work is appreciated by so many people.