Lance Armstrong AddictionAfter a decade of vehement denials, US Cyclist Lance Armstrong has finally admitted to doping. In a no-holds barred conversation with Oprah Winfrey, Lance confessed that he had been taking performance-enhancing drugs for years to improve his performance. In an emotional interview watched by millions of viewers all over the world, Lance Armstrong came clean on his use of banned substances when he said “I didn’t invent the culture but I didn’t try to stop the culture and that’s my mistake”

There is a long history of the use of drugs in sports. Many athletes and other sportspersons have been accused of taking banned substances in the past. Whether we talk of Ben Johnson or Roger Clemens, there is a long list of sportsmen who took steroids and other banned substances to improve their performance in competitive sports. However, Lance Armstrong’s confession is more than just another addition to the long list of sports people using banned substances.

Lance Armstrong’s story has been quite astonishing. After being diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 25, he not only successfully overcame his cancer but went on to become one of the most celebrated people in the world of sports. He went on to win the Tour De France for a record seven times and his Livestrong Foundation has done some commendable work for people suffering from cancer and other illnesses.

Throughout his career Lance was accused of using performance enhancing drugs. From sports official to his own team members, many people accused him of using banned substances. He was also accused of bullying other team members and forcing them to use banned drugs. Armstrong didn’t just deny these allegations but came hard on those who accused him of using drugs. He even went on to sue people who accused him of using the banned substances. His confession is a complete reversal from his earlier stand.

Lance Armstrong’s case is a chilling reminder of the fact that many sport personalities continue to use banned substances to enhance their performance in the world of sports. Unfortunately, many of these atheltes end up addicted to harmful substances. In such cases, providing addiction treatment often becomes necessary. In fact, the use of banned drugs is not something that is limited to sportspersons. A large number of people in the US and other parts of the world are addicted to harmful drugs.