Substance AbuseThe teenage years are the years of transformation where one grows from a child into an adolescent. Many teens find it hard to cope with the enormous strain resulting from parental expectations, studies, extracurricular activities and career related goals. However, in many cases it is the zeal to try something new & adventurous.  Peer pressure as well as the availability of drugs and alcohol are contributors to the problems of substance abuse among adolescents. Various surveys have revealed how easily available alcohol as well as illegal drugs such as marijuana are.  This is a major cause of the rising number of teens engaging in substance abuse which in a way highlights the loopholes in our legal system as well.
In order to help prevent teenage drug use, various non-profit organizations, government departments and scientific institutes are constantly engaged in researching the reasons why adolescents turn to drugs and alcohol.  As per the specialists of the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital at the Harvard Center for Addiction Medicine, “the reasons that motivate young people to use drugs or alcohol can be the key for preventing that use”.

Substance Abuse in Adolescents Occurs for One of Two Reasons

  1. To enhance their positive state of mind
  2. To come out of a negative state of mind

Research is likely to help rehabilitators in designing effective programs that are suited as per the specific requirements of each type of abuser rather than having a common program for people who may be suffering from different issues. The key to an adequate addiction treatment program definitely lies in understanding the causes for use first and then finding a focused solution.
Today, there are several alcohol rehabs, opiate detox and other drug treatment centers operational in different parts of the USA. These are being trusted by numerous people to help their loved ones get rid of any kind of addiction in a healthy and effective manner. State-of-art facilities with a well-experienced staff and impeccable addiction treatment program are being built across the country.  For more information on how you can help an adolescent who abuses drugs or alcohol, click here