Drug Abuse Weight LossWeight loss is one of the serious health problems caused by drug abuse. A dependence on illegal drugs alters the way the mind functions and also changes the lifestyle of a person. Many studies have been conducted in the past that have successfully established a link between weight loss and drug abuse. Weight loss in patients is one of the major areas of focus of drug addiction treatment programs.

The notion that drug abuse causes weight loss is widely agreed upon in the medical fraternity. However, can weight loss surgery become a cause of drug abuse? If a recent report published in Archives of Surgery is to be believed, a weight loss surgery greatly increases the chances of a person abusing drugs. In the survey based study of 155 bariatric surgery patients, a substantial increase in the amount of substance use was found. Bariatric surgery patients often struggle with eating and are at a much greater risk of developing drug and substance abuse. This was a first-of-its-kind study and the findings of the study remain open for debate. However, there is no denying the link between drug addiction and weight loss.

Several patients enrolling for drug addiction treatment programs suffer from weight loss. Excessive weight loss can have serious negative health consequences and may prove to be fatal for a person. Let’s take a look at the causes and effects of weight loss occurring due to drug and substance abuse.

  • Causes

Cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs suppress the appetite of a person. It has been seen that drug abuse patients often spend days without eating anything. This is one of the major reasons that contribute to weight loss in people who abuse drugs. Illegal drugs ‘increase’ the energy level of people and cause loss of appetite.

  • Negative health consequences

Excessive weight loss poses serious health risks and when it is combined with the harmful effects of drugs on the human body, it may prove to be very dangerous. The lack of adequate nutrition can lead to several health complications. It can affect the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system and the nervous system. This can lead to a heart attack, kidney failure and other serious, often fatal, ailments.

Considering the harmful health effects of weight loss, preventing weight loss in patients is one of the top priorities for drug addiction treatment centers. Incorporating a healthy diet and lifestyle is one of the essential parts of drug rehabilitation programs.  Click Here to learn more.