When we talk of addictions, two things that come to mind are drugs and alcohol. We all understand that drug and alcohol addiction poses a serious challenge to our society. Most people understand the harmful and debilitating effect of drugs on the human body. We are constantly bombarded with information related to drug and alcohol abuse and how it can ruin our lives. Awareness on drug rehabilitation programs has also increased. While drugs and alcohol problems continue to gain public attention, there are other forms of addictions that are often ignored and overlooked. Let’s take a look at 5 addictions (other than drugs and alcohol) that determine the behavior of people not just in the US but other nations as well-Addiction

Food Addiction

Countless people all over the world have a tendency to eat when they are bored or depressed. Binge eating has become alarmingly common. To make matters worse, junk food constitutes a major portion of our diets. With more and more people becoming overweight, the obesity has become a major health problem across the globe.


Even though most world economies are in doldrums, people’s fascination with shopping continues. Living in a consumerist society, we continue to buy products, online and offline. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that shopping has become our national pastime.

Prescription drug abuse

Drug rehabilitation programs mainly focus on serious drug addictions such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Prescription drug abuse, the use of a medicine without a prescription, is often overlooked. The alarming trend of people taking prescription drugs without medical supervision is a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

Online gaming

Some of you might be surprised to see online gaming in the list. Online gaming is indeed a major addiction. Whether we talk of the US or Japan, there are countless people who can’t stop playing online games. This is quite evident from the fact that an increasing number of people are seeking professional medical treatment to overcome online gaming addiction.


With famous personalities like Tiger Woods seeking professional treatment, sex addiction is something that is now formally recognized as a major disorder. A large number of people deal with compulsive and addictive sexual behavior all over the world and sex addiction has now gained acceptance in the clinical community.

While these were some of the top addictions that affect the behavior of people, it’s important to highlight the fact that drug and alcohol abuse remains the most serious problem in our society. You can find more valuable information on alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs at http://www.inspiremalibu.com