Drugs LordsYou’re wrong if you think that it’s only the likes of Bill Gates, Carlos Slim and other successful businessmen who own great wealth. There are people in this world who’ve made enormous amount of money the wrong way! These people resorted to illegal activities and trades and managed to amass great fortunes. Drug trafficking is one of the ways through which these people gained large sums of money. There are many so-called ‘drug lords’ who reign supreme in the world of drug trafficking. Now, it must be stated at the onset that the objective of this post is not to glamorize these people. In fact, it must be emphasized that they have caused serious damage to the health of our nation and society.

Drug trafficking is an illegal but a lucrative business. Attracted by the possibility to earn large sums of money, many people around the world have indulged in drug trafficking. Let’s take a look at 5 ‘drug lords’ who’ve caused immense damage to this world.

  • Amado Carrillo Fuentes

One of the most powerful Mexican drug lords in the recent history. With a net worth of $25 billion, he was one of the richest too. He died in 1997 while undergoing plastic surgery to change his appearance.

  • Joaquin Guzman Loera

Considered one of the world’s powerful drug trafficker with an estimated net worth of $1 billion. He is responsible for the import of a large amount of narcotics into the US from Mexico. He also smuggles cocaine, heroin and marijuana to the US. He is currently a fugitive and carries a reward of $ 5 million USD.

  • Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

A notorious and violent drug trafficker from Colombia. He had managed to amass a great fortune in his heydays and was responsible for smuggling all types of drugs. He even had a career in Colombian politics.

  • Ismael Zambada García

An ex farmer with extensive agricultural and botanical knowledge was an infamous Mexican drug lord who is responsible for the trafficking of cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs in the US.

  • Zhenli Ye Gon

A businessman who has been accused of trafficking pseudoephedrine into Mexico. With an estimated net worth of almost $300 million, he is easily one of the riches drug lord in recorded history.

These drug lords may have managed to earn great money but they have caused grave harm to the moral fabric of our society. Countless people all over the world have become addicted to harmful drugs, giving rise to drug addiction.  For more information on the effects of drugs click here.