Addiction Treatment TeensTeenagers whose parents talk to them about the dangers of drug abuse are 42% less likely to abuse drugs. Considering the high rate of drug abuse among teenagers in the US, it has become supremely important for parents to provide the right guidance to their children. At the same time, it is important for parents to pay attention to any changes in the behavior of their child. There are certain warning signs that may help parents to find out early if their children are abusing drugs. Ignoring these warning signs may prove to be a costly mistake as it may push your children deeper into the dark world of drug addiction. On the other hand, detecting these signs early will make it easier for you to provide addiction treatment to children. Below are some of the tell-tale signs of teenage drug abuse that should alert any parent-

  • Problems at school

If a child frequently misses school or shows a general disinterest in studies, it should be a cause of concern for any parent. Children who consume drugs find it hard to cope with studies. Falling grades or poor academic performance is also an indicator of drug abuse.

  • Lying, spending excessive money

A child will go to any lengths when it comes to making sure that his or her drug addiction remains hidden. Children who abuse drugs or alcohol constantly lie to their parents about where they are going, who they are meeting etc. Furthermore, if a child is spending more money than usual and is not able to provide any satisfactory explanation, it’s time for parents to be more vigilant.

  • Change in appearance and physical health issues

Many teenagers who suffer from drug addiction neglect their appearance. Drugs gain more priority in their lives and they end up ignoring other important things. Looking good and presentable is the last thing on the mind of someone addicted to drugs. Physical health issues such low energy level or lack of motivation is also an indicator of drug abuse in teenagers. Addressing physical health issues is the top-most priority when it comes to drug addiction treatment.

  • Friendship

A sudden change in the peer-group of a teenager is also an important indicator that your child may doing something of concern. A drug addict (a teenager or adult) is likely to spend more time in the company of other drug addicts.  Loss of interest in day-to-day activities, verbally or physically abusive behavior and spending more time alone are some of the other signs that may indicate drug addiction in a teenagers.