Drug Abuse Pregnant WomenTaking illegal drugs during pregnancy can be very harmful. Drugs can cause serious health complications in pregnant women and put the life of unborn baby at risk. Drugs also increase the chances of a miscarriage and still birth. It’s very important for women who desire to give birth to a healthy baby to stay away from potentially harmful drugs. In addition to illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin, prescriptive drug abuse may also prove to be harmful for the development of fetus in a woman’s body. Let’s take a look at how some of the major drugs can affect the health of a woman and her unborn baby-

  • Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs and it can have a disastrous effect on the wellbeing of an unborn baby. Cocaine consumption can cause serious complications in a pregnant woman. It can lead to miscarriage and premature birth. It can also hamper the development of the brain and may lead to mental retardation of the child. The intake of cocaine during pregnancy may also cause seizures and neurological abnormalities in the child. Not to mention, cocaine poses a grave threat to the health of a pregnant woman. An overdose of the drug may prove to be fatal for woman and her unborn baby.

  • Alcohol

Just like other harmful drugs, alcohol intake can cause many complications in pregnant women. It can lead to various physical and cognitive defects in a child. Joint malformations, heart diseases, mental retardations, poor coordination skills and problems in speech are some of the ways alcohol can adversely affect the wellbeing of an unborn baby. It’s best to avoid alcohol intake altogether during pregnancy.

  • Antibiotics

While most people understand the harmful effects of cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs on the health of pregnant women, they are unaware of the dangers posed by prescriptive drug abuse. Seemingly harmless antibiotics may prove to be detrimental for the normal development of fetus. Certain antibiotic drugs may cause severe birth defects in a child. They can also cause many physical and mental abnormalities. For this reason, prescriptive drug abuse has to be strictly avoided and it is important to consult a doctor before taking any antibiotic drug during pregnancy.

It is essential for pregnant women to stay away from drugs and alcohol.