Drugs KidsAs per information posted on official website of National Center for Children in poverty (NCCP), around 10% of youth aged between 12 to17 are illicit drug users. Considering the fact that so many young people use alcohol and drugs, it has become highly important for parents to make their kids aware of the harmful health effects of drug addiction. It is important to make children understand that glamorization of drugs and alcohol in the entertainment industry is misleading. An actor smoking a cigarette in a movie may look cool and sexy but in real life, things are different. Drugs abuse has serious health consequences and it may completely ruin the life of a person. Here are a few things your kids should know about drug and alcohol abuse-

  • What are drugs?

Drugs are chemicals that change the way your body works. Drugs are mainly taken for medical reasons. Drugs are prescribed by doctors in specific quantities to treat various illnesses and diseases. Medical drugs can be purchased legally from medical stores.

  • What are illegal drugs?

In addition to medical purposes, certain drugs are used by people for recreational purposes. Cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine are some of the illegal drugs consumed by people. These drugs are banned in most countries. They can be highly addictive and can have serious negative health consequences.

  • How illegal drugs affect the health of a person?

Cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs alter the way the brain functions. They may provide a temporary ‘high’ but they can do irreversible damage to heart, brain and other vital body organs. The negative health effects of illegal drugs are all the more pronounced in kids. They can hamper the physical and cognitive abilities in children.

  • Why are illegal drugs so dangerous?

In addition to the above mentioned negative health consequences, illegal drugs can be highly addictive. One dose of heroine lasts only a few hours. As soon as the feeling of ecstasy provided by these drugs subsides, the addicted person feels the dire need to take the drug again. The body becomes habitual to a drug and the person feels an uncontrollable urge to consume the drug again and again.

  • How is drug addiction treated?

That depends on the severity of drug addiction. The services offered by drug rehabilitation centers may prove to be immensely useful in this regard. Having a strong willpower is highly important. But in many cases, medical help becomes necessary. The effective treatment programs offered by rehabilitation centers allow a person to overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

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