Drug Addiction FamiliesDrugs and alcohol abuse can affect your life in many ways. We all understand the negative effects of drug abuse on our physical and mental health. But it is important to know that drugs and alcohol addiction can have a detrimental effect on families and relationships. It would not be an exaggeration to say that drug and alcohol addiction may push us into the depths of loneliness and isolation. Drug and alcohol abuse may completely ruin your social and family life and can also make it difficult for you to build and maintain new relationships. Let’s take a look at how drug and alcohol addiction can have a negative impact on  your family life-

Domestic Violence

In a study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse Research, a direct correlation was found between drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence. This link between drug and alcohol addiction and domestic violence is not too hard to understand. Under the influence of alcohol, people tend to lose self-control. For an addicted person, drugs and alcohol is the top-most priority and he or she tends to neglect the needs and requirements of other family members.

Change in Behavior and Emotional Stress

Drug addiction causes a drastic change in the behavior of a person. It’s all about ‘I, Me and Myself’. This attitude is reflected in the way drug or alcohol addicted people behave with their friends and family. They even tend to disregard the concerns of those who try to encourage treatment. This can cause tension and frictions in families. Self-pity, anger, resentment and guilt are some of the common negative emotions experienced by family members of a drug addicted person.

Financial problems

Drug and alcohol addiction can cause immense financial strain on families. Many of the illicit drugs such as cocaine and heroin don’t come cheap. A person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol needs to spend large amount of money to purchase drugs and alcohol. Teenagers and young adults who don’t have any regular sources of income also resort to stealing and other anti-social behavior to arrange money. This can cause immense distress in families. Furthermore, the families also have to spend money on providing drug and alcohol treatment to an addicted family member.

Drug and alcohol addiction can greatly affect the overall well-being of a family. Availing the services of a reliable drug and alcohol detox treatment center is essential when it comes to helping a person recover from addiction.