Addiction TreatmentWhy do people take drugs? If you ask this question to people who use drugs, the response you’re likely to get is ‘drugs make them feel good’. It has to be said that there is some truth in this statement. As most drugs act on the ‘pleasure center’ of the brain, they provide a feeling of euphoria to people. But this feeling is only temporary. And it’s all downhill from there.

Any reputed drug control organization or drug addiction treatment center would tell you, there are millions of drug addicts in the US. The problem poses a grave health threat to our society. The question that arises here is why is it that despite the best efforts of the government, the use of illicit drugs in the US (and other parts of the world) continues unabated? Why is it that even when people have an understanding of the harmful effects of drug use, they are motivated to try drugs? Or we can put it this way. What are the factors that drive people to drugs? Let’s take a look-

  • Temporary feeling of pleasure and euphoria

As mentioned above, most people who do drugs like the way drugs make them feel. Drugs provide a temporary feeling of euphoria. It’s a form of escape for many people. By providing them a feeling of ‘high’ drugs help people forget their problems and worries. Sadly, the fact is exactly the opposite. The temporary period of pleasure is followed by gloom, sadness, pain and frustration.

  • Peer pressure

The first drug experience of a large number of people can be traced to their school and college days. Teenagers and young adults get influenced by their peers and may start taking drugs to ‘fit in’ among their peers. As teenagers don’t like to be left out, they may end up making bad decisions without realizing the long term consequences.

  • Boredom

Believe it or not, many people start taking drugs out of sheer boredom. Drugs help them get away from their mundane and banal existence. Instead of taking up a new hobby or indulging in other interesting activities, some people turn to drugs.

  • Rebel behavior

There are people who try to portray themselves as rebels. They refuse to conform to the societal rules. They try to make a statement to society by taking up drugs. Unfortunately, what happens is exactly the opposite. Instead of ‘standing out’, they become more dependent on other people.  

There are many other factors that drive people to drugs. These include a major crisis in life, curiosity and the desire to experiment among others.